Ellen Pompeo and Stella Luna out for a sweet treat

Ellen Pompeo and little Stella Luna were spotted having some very sweet mother-daughter time together.

Aww, she’s so big now!

Because I had the pleasure of meeting Grey’s Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo and her daughter in person, I can genuinely say: Stella’s gotten so big! Indeed, she was such a wee thing when I interviewed Ellen (my first celebrity interview here at Today’s Parent) back in October 2010. Ellen held both of Stella’s hands and walked her out of the room before we started. I recommended that the nanny take Stella to certain areas in nearby Yorkville. I loved it.

Fast-forward two years, and here’s Ellen, 42, and Stella, now 3, grabbing some ice cream in Los Angeles, California. Ellen dressed down in stylish workout clothes, and Stella looked adorable in that beautiful blue skirt and precious pink shoes!

I can’t tell you what ice-cream flavours Ellen and Stella got (will you survive? Hee!). They look a little solemn in the photo, but Stella was just very focused on crossing the road safely and eating her delicious ice cream at the same time. So cute!

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xo Haley-O

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