Ed Sheeran just revealed that his baby has had Covid twice

In a new interview, the ‘Bad Habits’ singer talked about quarantining with his one-year-old, fertility struggles and Paw Patrol.

Ed Sheeran just revealed that his baby has had Covid twice

Photo: Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM via Youtube

Having a sick baby is never easy, especially when it’s your first—and Ed Sheeran should know. The singer recently revealed that his one-year-old daughter, Lyra, has had COVID not once, but twice. Poor baby!

Last month, Ed was isolating with Lyra after they both caught COVID. “She had it in summer as well,” he told The Breakfast Club, a US radio show. “My wife had it in summer and I didn’t get it.” 

Being a new dad, Ed said he enjoyed spending time with his daughter, but it was not all play time. “It was fun, but when you’re trying to get better, and you can’t say to her ‘let’s just watch a movie, can we just chill out for a second?'” Nothing like being sick and still having to parent! We feel you, Ed. 

Still, there was a silver lining: “It was really really nice spending all that time with her.”

When the host asked Ed if he was worried that the disease could be more serious the second time around, he replied “They say with kids it’s actually alright.” Luckily, the little girl had a manageable case of COVID both times. Ed described Lyra’s symptoms as “a lot of coughing and fever.” 

In a different interview with SiriusXM's Howard Stern, Ed expanded on his experience caring for Lyra while she was recovering. "My wife was away, so, I was there with my daughter … She had it, too, so it was kind of heavy," he said, adding that there were three days that were "really bad."

Ed told Stern that even though he's received the Covid vaccine, he contracted the virus at a point when he was "super ill and rundown." Apparently, his daughter had gotten the flu from her playgroup and as soon as he felt like he had a cold coming on, he was getting tested for Covid every day while still getting up early to do Zoom interviews. "I was really, really, really rundown and then just one day, I caught it," he said.

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During the Breakfast Club interview, the Brit also opened up about his and wife Cherry Seaborn’s bumpy road to conceiving their daughter. “We had tried for a while to have a kid. We started going to doctors and figuring out what was up. We did a lot of tests.” he explained. It finally happened for them on a trip together. “We went to Antarctica, and Cherry got pregnant. And I did think it was a miracle. So that’s why I was like ‘we should have this in the name’.” Hence Lyra’s unique middle name, Antarctica.

The one-year-old, who was born late August 2020, lives an exciting life, traveling with her musician dad to Los Angeles and New York City, where he was recently the musical guest on SNL. “I’ve never spent any time apart from her, not even a single night,” the singer said—though coming home from the SNL after-party at 2 a.m. only to have his jetlagged baby wake him at 4 a.m. was less than ideal. 

And like many new parents, Ed has reluctantly welcomed a new group of furry friends into his life: Paw Patrol, “I never let her have screens in front of her, so when the screen is in front of her it's like crack," Ed said. "I swear they make this show specifically for kids to just be glued in on.” Just wait until she discovers Cocomelon!

This article was originally published on Nov 12, 2021

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