Drew Barrymore's wedding dress (photos!)

We've got more photos of Drew Barrymore's maternity wedding dress, and details on the dress (which is drawing mixed reviews).

By Haley Overland
Drew Barrymore's wedding dress (photos!) Photos courtesy of Hello! Canada Magazine

OK, Gorgeouses, so what do we REALLY think of Drew Barrymore's maternity wedding dress? We got a peek at it the other day on the cover of People Magazine. And it really did look good in that photo — shot at the perfect angle and cropped at the waist like that. And I was determined to like it because you're supposed to like a dress that Karl Lagerfeld himself designed. You know?

BUT, when you look at the dress head on.... Gorgeouses, I don't know.

Here's how Hello! Canada Magazine (who graciously gave us these photos, by the way) describes the dress:

The bride was radiant in a white pleated muslin-and-organza gown specially made for her by Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld, with intricately embroidered flowers of organza, muslin, tulle and feathers, and a black satin belt that sweetly accentuated her blooming baby bump.

Gorgeouses, I don't know! If you heard that description without seeing the dress, would you think it'd be fabulous?

Drew's wedding planner, Stefanie Cove, told the mag that Drew, 38, helped design the dress. "Drew worked with the Chanel team on the design," she said, "and even travelled to the Paris studio." Oy. She also said that the bridesmaids wore grey gowns with black Chanel coats.

Why all the Chanel, you ask? As I mentioned in my last Drew Barrymore post (with thanks to good ole Wikipedia), Drew's new hubby, Will Kopelman, 34, is the son of former Chanel CEO, Arie Kopelman. AHA!

Aaaanyway. Whatever, right? Drew looks so happy. And, seriously, she could wear a burlap sack or, wait, a pleated white gown with a black satin belt and feathers, heh, and still...look gorj.

Drew Barrymore's wedding dress (photos!)  

For more photos and wedding deets — including the poem Cameron Diaz read during the reception, the 80s band, the famous guests (including godfather Steven Spielberg, of course), and more — check out this week's issue of Hello! Canada Magazine, on stands now!

Drew Barrymore's wedding dress (photos!)  

Also, as Saphyre from Hello! pointed out to me earlier today, really, does Jennifer Aniston ever age??

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Jun 14, 2012

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