Drew Barrymore on baby Olive's routine, Judaism and more

Drew Barrymore opened up — a lot! — about raising her daughter with structure and a strong Jewish faith.

By Haley Overland
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Drew Barrymore, 37, was on The View last Friday, and she shared quite a bit about her life as new mom to four-month-old Olive and wife to "nice Jewish man"/art consultant Will Kopelman.

"This is the most important thing I'll ever do with my life," she said of her marriage to Will. "I chose well; I'm so lucky he loves me back."

One of the most defining components of their relationship is their solid faith. Will is a "nice Jewish man from a nice Jewish family," she said.

Though Drew hasn't converted yet, she's fully embracing the religion: She and Will had a "very traditional [Jewish] wedding ceremony," and they are raising Olive "traditionally."

"It's a beautiful faith, and I'm so honoured to be around it." Drew said of Judaism. "It's so family-oriented.... The stories are so beautiful.... I'm really happy."

And with all this new faith, Drew insists she won't be falling back into her old ways when it comes to parenting.


"I was such a hippy growing up," she said, "but I'm like the least loosey-goosey parent. I'm like, 'Bedtime, structure, feeding time,' because this baby is so happy knowing when everything is happening..., and I as a parent succeed and thrive knowing when everything is happening [with] that type of structure.”

“I grew up very differently," she added, "which was really fun, but I think kids need structure — so I would not just throw caution to the wind and hope everything works out.... I will make sure that it does in a very timely manner.”

Wow, little Drew Barrymore really has grown up! And she says she's shaped up, too, now that she's a mom:

[Olive] actually has made me a morning person, so she's already made me a better person in every way possible.... I'm like Godzilla in the morning . . . before I've had that cup of caffeine, and with her, I sing her "Good Morning" with my husband from Singing in the Rain every day. She has the biggest smile and it's the first time I've smiled in the morning. I love it!

Oh, how Hollywood! And so sweet. This whole thing makes ME smile (even though I feel atrocious right now — sitting here on my couch with a box of Kleenex and Marion Cotillard's cold/flu. Maybe I'll have some of that caffeine Drew was talking about...).


Love! xo Haley-O

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This article was originally published on Jan 29, 2013

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