The funniest tweets about Doug Ford's new policy advisor, a kid named "Arthur"

Why listen to scientists and experts when you can pick the brain of a little boy who lives down the street.

Ontarians have learned to have no expectations going into Premier Doug Ford’s pandemic press conferences. But on June 2, the politician managed to surprise even those of us who thought we’d seen it all, ending his update with arguably his most bizarre anecdote yet about a visit he had with a young boy (new advisor?) named Arthur.

According to Ford, he received a letter from Arthur written in French. When he realized the kid only lived a few blocks away, the premier decided to “hop in [his] pickup” and pay Arthur and his family a visit (despite the fact that it’s still illegal to visit other households here in Ontario). When he knocked on the door, Arthur’s brother Marcus ushered Ford through the house (don’t worry, they were both wearing masks) and into the backyard like “a little butler,” so he could chat with Arthur about whether or not the province should reopen schools.

Although Arthur initially wanted to go back to class and was “a tough negotiator,” after some back and forth, Arthur concluded that he would be happy with a graduation ceremony and to be able to attend summer camp. So… that’s what we’re doing now in Ontario.

Twitter did not disappoint in reacting to this story, and at this point, all we can do is laugh! Check out our fave tweets about Arthur.

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