Daycare suggested this mom dress her baby more 'girly' and her reaction is perfect

We get that the daycare staff were just trying to be helpful, but it's 2018, folks. Do baby girls really need bows in their hair?

When it comes to babies, dressing them up according to gender (or rather, assigned sex) can be a tricky subject. A lot of people feel strongly that the world should know exactly  what kind of genitals are tucked away in their little one’s diaper, and they make sure of that by dressing them up in gendered clothes—think pink vs. blue, or sporty patterns vs. frills and bows.

newborn baby sleeping in mother's arms Can you actually raise a baby free from gender?On the other hand, there are more and more people who just don’t care about this kind of thing—like Steve and Jessica Rold, a couple from Denmark, who were told by the teachers at their son’s daycare that they should try dressing up their baby daughter “more like a girl.” Yup, Steve told Babble that the staff suggested “putting bows in her hair so that the other kids would know that she was a girl when my wife was there with her to pickup our 2-year-old son.”

According to Steve, his wife wasn’t offended by the comment, but wanted to push back a bit in a funny (albeit slightly passive-aggressive?) way. Thus, this Reddit post happened:

How my wife dressed our daughter the day after the teachers at daycare told her we should really be dressing her more like a girl. from daddit

Behold, the glorious Post-It bow. Steve uploaded this photo on the subreddit /r/daddit, and his post is one of the subreddit’s top-scoring posts in the past month.

We think this is totally hilarious and adorable (that bow is really well-drawn, too). The daycare teachers had suggested putting bows in the baby’s hair, but from what we can see, she doesn’t really have any yet. So obviously, a sticky-note drawing is the next best thing, right?

According to her parents, the reason they tend to dress her in more “boy clothes” (say what you want, but clothing is not inherently gendered) is the simple fact that they use hand-me-downs from her older brother’s closet. Sounds to us like they’re just being economical, which makes sense because as we all know, having kids is expensive.

Either way, bravo to this couple for not caring what other people think and doing what works for them—and having a sense of humour about it. That being said, if you want to put bows on your daughter’s head, by all means go ahead. It’s your kid.  Just know that people will probably think your baby is cute regardless of their gender because ya know, babies are cute.

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