Colin Farrell and his son make it better

Colin Farrell and his adorable son Henry were spotted out together again.

Seven Psychopaths star Colin Farrell, 36, was spotted out and about again with his adorable son, Henry, 3.5 (who was sporting some snazzy sneakers!). This time they were in the departures area at LAX airport. Going on vacation together, I wonder? Hmmm, no news on that yet.

In the meantime, Colin’s been très busy with work — so much so that he himself is surprised. “I’m always surprised to get any gig to be honest with you,” he told Yahoo! Movies recently when asked about Total Recall. “I’m not saying that with any false modesty, I’m honestly excited to get any offer, even if I turn it down. I haven’t done anything this big in six or seven years and it’s a bit terrifying. But you’re still doing the same thing on set, just with more bells and whistles.” I kind of love him…. You?

Josh-O rented the original Total Recall movie last weekend, but none of us wanted to watch it….

Anyway! After a brutal day…, seeing these sweet photos of Colin and his son help make it better.

xo Haley-O

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