Christina Applegate talks about her post-baby body

Actress Christina Applegate admits that there won't be any pictures of her in a bikini any time soon... or ever again.

By Cassandre Cadieux
Christina Applegate talks about her post-baby body Photo: ER/FameFlynet

Haley's off today, fasting for Yom Kippur, so I'll be attempting to keep you filled in on all the celebrity news today.

I'm the first to admit that I love September, not only because the leaves are changing, but also because most of my favourite TV shows make a comeback. I was streaming the latest episode of Up All Night a couple of nights ago (which I, admittedly, only started watching for Will Arnett...), and couldn't help but think about how much I now love Christina Applegate. She seems like such a down-to-earth, non-self-centered actress that I'd love to have coffee with one day. When I came across a tidbit of information about her, I knew I had to share.

During an appearance on The Talk last week, Applegate, 40, admitted that she just transitioned out of her maternity jeans, despite giving birth to daughter Sadie LeNoble last January (2011). According to People, the actress jokes that even though she's taking a healthy approach to losing the baby weight, she'll probably never return to her pre-baby body.

“I will not be Tweeting photos of me in a bikini, let alone wear a bikini I think ever again in my life,” she shares, telling the world that she's not one of those people that have the weight just fall off.

Personally, I think she looks great. In fact, I always thinks she looks radiant, especially with Sadie in tow.

Here she is on the set of Up All Night with her daughter (and I'm assuming someone who works on the show).

Christina Applegate talks about her post-baby body  

Doesn't she look great? And I think she's one of those people who can pull off neutral colours (jealous!). And little Sadie is absolutely adorable... and apparently channeling Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz in those shoes!

Did you ever regain your pre-baby body? How long did it take you to finally transition out of maternity jeans?

This article was originally published on Sep 26, 2012

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