Chris Hemsworth holding his baby girl!

Check out these amazing photos of Chris Hemsworth (aka THOR) and his 2-month-old baby, India Rose.

Because I’m supposed to be resting this weekend’s wakeboarding concussion, I’m going to keep the writing to a minimum today. BUT who can READ anyway when you have a photo of THOR (aka Chris Hemsworth, 28) holding his wee 2-month-old baby to your left OMG?!?

Yes, the hottest man on Earth (next to Clive Owen, of course) was photo’d looking magnificently MASSIVE holding his baby girl, India Rose.

They’re photo’d here on a stroll through the streets of Madrid, Spain, yesterday with mom-in-law Cristina Medianu.

Chris’ wife, Elsa Pataky, met up with them later on to run some errands and do dinner. Check out some more pics below! 

Here he is shushing India (and rocking that man bun as only he can!)…

Aww, how cute is India’s pretty red-and-white polka-dot onesie? Ooo, and looks like they went with the Bugaboo stroller….

Here’s Chris’ very lucky and beautiful wife, Elsa…!

Discuss: What stroller do you/did you use? I had the older (not-as-state-of-the-art) version that same Bugaboo — navy blue and all!

xo Haley-O

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