Charlize Theron throws superhero birthday bash for Jackson

To celebrate her baby's first birthday, Charlize Theron threw him a superhero birthday party and made everyone whisper the Happy Birthday song.... Haley's got deets!

Happy Birthday, Jackson Theron!

The little cutie turned one earlier this month, and his doting mom, Charlize Theron, 37, threw him a superhero-themed birthday party.

According to sources for, the party featured cupcakes with superhero faces on top, large lollipops, and a visit from Batman and Wonder Woman. Here’s a photo of the layout>’s sources say celebrity guests included Jason Bateman and his 11-month-old daughter, Maple, among others. They also said guests were asked to whisper the Happy Birthday song because Jackson was jet-lagged and Charlize didn’t want to overwhelm him. Hee! Kind of funny, but very sweet.

DISCUSS: How did you (or how are you going to) celebrate your child’s first birthday?

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