Charlize Theron, Jackson and... Sean Penn?

Oscar winners Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are dating: It's official! Check out the photos of Sean bonding with adorable Jackson.

Photo: 4CRNS/O. Duran/WCP/FameFlynet Photo: 4CRNS/O. Duran/WCP/FameFlynet

Did you know Oscar winners Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are dating? Actually, I heard the rumours a few weeks ago (did you?), but I wasn't 100 percent certain until I saw some major PDA photos (link below)—so I thought I better share the news already!

Sean, 53, and Charlize, 38, have been friends for years, apparently, and only recently went public with their more-than-friends status. The two were spotted ringing in the New Year in Hawaii together, going on a romantic San Francisco vacay (January 26), grocery shopping at Whole Foods with Charlize's two-year-old son, Jackson (above), strolling around town, and just last weekend, at the beach, in Malibu, California. In addition to the sweet PDA, Sean's been getting in some nice bonding time with Jackson—and the dogs.

Photo: 4CRNS/O. Duran/WCP/FameFlynet Photo: 4CRNS/O. Duran/WCP/FameFlynet

The stars haven't publicly announced their relationship—beyond the PDA—but CNN's Piers Morgan confirmed it in a blog post he wrote for The Daily Mail's Event Magazine, January 10, in which he shares a conversation he had with Sean, as follows:


"At 2 a.m., Sean came over and bear-hugged me. 'Congrats on a great night,' I said. 'And congrats on Charlize, too.' He laughed. 'She's a keeper, that's for sure... well, I'll do my best to keep her, anyway!'"

Love them together! You?

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This article was originally published on Feb 04, 2014

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