Channing Tatum is going to be a dad

Happy news: Channing Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, are expecting their first child.

By Haley Overland
Channing Tatum is going to be a dad

Some happy news: Channing Tatum, 32, is going to be a dad.

You know what that means.... We get to TALK about uber-handsome Channing here at Celebrity Candy now. And we get to LOOK at photos of him carrying a little bundle of joy. Ohh, joy!

So, here's the scoop. Channing and his wife of three years, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, are expecting their first child sometime next year.

"It was a total surprise," says a source for Us Weekly.

Channing and Jenna met on the set of Step Up in 2006, and they got married in 2009. Channing's best known for his roles in 21 Jump Street (love!), and of course, Magic Mike (love love!).

I'll be adding this to our Who's Pregnant in Hollywood gallery....

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Dec 17, 2012

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