Celine Dion's twins: baptism deets & photos

By HaleyO
Celine Dion's twins: baptism deets & photos

Louise from Hello! Canada Magazine just sent us the sweet pics above (click to enlarge) AND DEETS from the baptism of Eddy and Nelson Angélil -- Celine Dion and René Angélil's 4.5-month-old twins.  Hello! had the honour of interviewing René (60) and covering the event exclusively.

Of course, the baptism was held in the family's "second home" LAS VEGAS. Very fitting for a very extravagant baptism!

Our friends at Hello! report that Nelson and Eddy were "beautifully behaved throughout the long baptism ceremony..., endear[ing] themselves to everyone in the 200-strong congregation, which included family, friends and the many doctors who had cared for Celine (42)  throughout her many attempts to conceive, as well as throughout her high-risk pregnancy."

Here's what René told Hello! about the baptism: "We were afraid they would cry because the whole thing took an hour and 15 minutes," he said. "We figured when they put the water on their heads, they would cry like crazy and they didn’t cry at all! They were so great! They were looking at everything, checking everything out. They’re so cute."

René also briefed Hello! on the kids' very different personalities: "Eddy is definitely more serious than Nelson. It takes him a little longer before he starts smiling and Nelson is always smiling and things. Eddy also, but he’s more serious. He looks more serious. [Laughs]"

In case you're wondering, in the above photo, Celine is holding Eddy, and René is holding Nelson. Their oldest son, René-Charles Angélil (10), stands handsomely in the middle. In the photo on the left, Celine is writing the twins' names on their Baby Dior christening robes so no one would mix them up "for posterity"!

For more deets on the big event (plus loads more CANDEH!), check out the current issue of Hello! Canada -- on stands NOW!

Congrats to the family!


xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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