Calling all tired moms! This genius grocery cart hack will save your back

Tired of lifting your kid in and out of the grocery cart? This hack is so simple, you'll be shocked that you never thought of it before.

By Kevin John Siazon

Calling all tired moms! This genius grocery cart hack will save your back

Photo: Laura Castrillo via Facebook

Going to the grocery store with your kids can be a real struggle. And, as many parents know, part of that struggle is getting your big kid in and out of the shopping cart—they're pretty heavy and, let's face it, you're probably too tired to lift them into the basket. (To be clear, letting your child sit in the basket of your shopping cart is not recommended for safety reasons, but kids are going to ask and some parents are going to oblige anyways, so do what you will.) Luckily, this mom came up with a brilliant hack that is so simple, we're kinda embarrassed we never thought of it before.

Take a look.

Yep, simply lift the back of the cart and let your kiddo climb on in. It's that easy.

Laura Castrillo, the genius mom who shared this idea with the world, told Love What Matters that she wanted to share it as a way to help her own mother whose back was sore from lifting her grandkids in and out of the cart. (This is a reminder to everyone that you should lift heavy objects—including your kids—by bending at the knees, so you lift with your legs, not your back. Carry on.)

"The trick," as she calls it, came from her stepmom, who used it to help her stepbrother who has undisclosed disabilities. While it started as a hack for families with special needs, "the trick" can be useful for all families. Just make sure you're extra careful when opening and closing the back panel. It's often surprisingly weighty and we wouldn't want any little body parts to get caught in the grate.

So next time your not-so-little one wants to hitch a ride in the shopping cart, give this hack a try—your back will thank you.

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