Bump watch: Today's Parent meets Tori Spelling!

By HaleyO
Bump watch: Today's Parent meets Tori Spelling! Editor Alex Mlynek (above right) thinks she has crazy eyes in this photo with me and Tori Spelling, but I think she looks gorj! A little crazy-eye for her, maybe, but Tori's bodyguard was taking the photo, and he's humungous....

Yes, we had a great time today at the McCain Ultra-Thin Crust Pizza event. I myself don't eat dairy, so I got to watch everyone else indulge in the very pizza that Tori says enabled her to feed her veggie-loathing son Liam (4) some greens (despite the fact that, like all celebrities, it seems, she has her own vegetable garden).

I didn't get to interview Tori today, but I did remind her that we met at her hubby's event in Toronto last month and that our kids kibitzed under the tent, and she seemed to remember -- my little guy's pretty memorable, I like to think!

Oh, wait! I did have a wee interview with her -- when we stood up to take our photo. Checkit!

Tori: I feel so tall!

Me: Oh, no, it's just me. Everyone feels tall around me.

Tori: Oh, no! It's these shoes....

Me: Oh, no. It's me. But please show me! I have to see the shoes.

[Tori shows me some gorj, very high wooden-heeled sandals.]

Me: Gorgeous! And I love your dress! [Isn]

Tori: It's vintage. I had to have it, but I'm so big because of the pregnancy, so I had a dressmaker add straps, see?


Tori: When I have the baby, I can take off the straps and wear the dress again!

Neat, eh, Gorgeouses? My sorry-rainy-day hair and I, and Alex and her crazy eyes, were all very impressed by the design innovation.... I need a new wardrobe and a haircut. Sighh!


xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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