Bump watch: More PINK!

How adorable is SHE? Is this the same Pink that sings “Stupid Girls” and “F–‘n Perfect”? She looks adorable and sweet! Cute wedges, cheery white dress, playful hat, goofy smile: LOVE!

And just because we won’t be bump watching Pink for much longer (she is fully due any day now), here’s another sweet pic of her and her hubby, Motocross racer father-to-be Carey Hart, locking lips…!

Check out her left foot — it’s lifted! Laaaa! They look so in love.

Just for fun, here’s another one of Pink’s latest pregnancy tweets:

Hahahaaa! Very cute!

Okay, the count down is on for Ms. Pink. I’ll keep you posted!


xo Haley-O

Photos: Fame Pictures

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