Bump watch: Katie Holmes?

By HaleyO

Bump watch: Katie Holmes?

Is Katie Holmes pregnant? According to OK! Magazine, she is. In fact the magazine made it the cover story of their latest issue, which I happened (of course) to pick up when I took my little guy to the drugstore this afternoon.

According to the magazine, Katie (32) was spotted at Barneys New York, in LA, a couple of weeks ago sporting quite the bump, and an insider confirmed that Katie's telling her friends, “Yes, I’m pregnant."

“She said she’s finally past the morning sickness phase,” says another source. "She was talking a mile a minute [when]. She’s so excited.”

Katie's representative is denying it. So I'm not going to start jumping up and down on my couch (or not) until we get that confirmation. But, the magazine reminds us, Katie and Tom did take their time announcing Katie's first pregnancy, with now-5-year-old Suri.

The mag is also saying that Tom (48) is "even more ecstatic."

As I said, I'll believe it when the rep confirms it. But the bump watch is on!

For more deets on how Katie's started taking prenatal vitamins, how they "very much want a boy"..., how Tom's being more overprotective than ever and how Katie's "smile was so big [when] she did that thing where the tip of her tongue pressed through her teeth," check out the mag!

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Photo & souce: OK! Magazine

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011