Bump watch: Jessica Simpson on (real) cravings, reflux and more!

Jessica Simpson looks like Haley did when she was pregnant. And that's refreshing

By Haley Overland
Photo: AP Photo/Starpix, Amanda Schwab Photo: AP Photo/Starpix, Amanda Schwab

Bygones for the lack of posts today, Gorgeouses. I'm DOWN with the flu today. I spent the whole day in my bed, and now I'm on my couch watching the new season of *cough* Jersey Shore *cough,* and awaiting the People's Choice Awards, which doesn't start until 9 p.m.. What's up with the late start? I hope I make it through the whole thing.... We have to talk fashions tomorrow!

Speaking of fashions, Ms. Jessica Simpson showed up in black sequins at the "NBC Universal 2012 Winter TCA Press Tour All-Star Party" the other day. Not exactly the most flattering choice of material, right? Which goes to show that Jessica (31) is WORKING her curves, and it's refreshing to see. She looks a lot like I did by the end of my second trimester. Big and pregnant!

To ensure said bigness, Jessica is living it up in the food department. "I had a buttered Pop Tart this morning," she told Extra. "I'm eating a lot of stuff that I ate in my childhood. Kraft Mac n' Cheese, Pop Tarts, Cap'n Crunch. Everything's filled with sugar." Wow! No all-you-can-eat melon cravings. How bizarre for a celebrity!

Jessica also admitted that she "give[s] in to her cravings": "I'm like, 'Yeah, I can do it. We'll worry about the rest afterwards.'" Afterwards, if you remember, Gorgeouses, she's got a massive deal with Weight Watchers....

You can check out the whole Extra video below, if you're interested. Another highlight, I suppose, is when Jessica talks about her morning sickness, or lack thereof: "Everybody comes up to me and asks me, 'How's the nausea?' and I'm like, 'I don't have any.... I'm definitely eating a lot of Tums — I have the reflux and acid going on."

Still no deets on Jessica's due date (just that it's spring), the baby's sex, when she and fiancé Eric Johnson (32) will get married. But that's OK! She seems happy and embracing pregnancy. Real pregnancy!


So how was that? Can you tell I have the flu, or is this legible?

Here's the Extra video in case I didn't make any sense. In the video, Jessica also talks about the neat new show Fashion Star, in which she, Nicole Richie, Elle McPherson and John Varvatos "mentor" designers (like Tim Gunn in Project Runway. Love!). Checkit!

Bump watch: Jessica Simpson on (real) cravings, reflux and more!

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See you soon at the People's Choice Awards!


Love! xo Haley-O

Source: Extra

This article was originally published on Jan 12, 2012

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