Bump watch: Jessica Simpson in maternity skirt

Not that we had any doubt before, but Jessica Simpson? Totally pregnant (yet unconfirmed...)

Fame Pictures

Not that we had any doubt when we talked about this yesterday. But just in case we did, check out this recent photo of Jessica Simpson wearing a MATERNITY SKIRT. Seriously: who wears a maternity skirt under a sheer black top if a) they’re not ? and have never been ? pregnant, and b) they’re hiding their pregnancy. I mean, we do know that Jessica loves a good pair of mom jeans…, but this is clearly a case of “I’m pregnant and even though I’m not confirming it I want the world to know it.” That is all.

And that is fine! It’s just a little bit curious that this typically-spotlight-seeking celeb would be so private. But she’s actually getting a lot of attention because of all the mystery. Hmmm….

She looks great, by the way. And we think she’ll make a terrific mom.

Love! xo Haley-O

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