Bump watch: Jennifer Garner multitasks en route to mystery destination

Mom-to-be Jennifer Garner was snapped walking, talking on the phone and carrying a pie

Fame Pictures

Did you find that you were bigger with each pregnancy? I was definitely much more massive with my second child.

Jennifer Garner (39) is due with her third child around Winter 2012, and she looks fabulous as usual in her jeans, black maternity top and flats. The reports don’t say exactly where she’s going with that pie she’s carrying. Maybe, as my daughter would say, “it’s a mystery for us to find out!”

Or not.

But, hmmm…, from the looks of that name tag, Sherlock, I’d say she’s going to Violet’s school to deliver the pie! In any case, we are very impressed with Jennifer’s multitasking, of which we all do our share as parents, right? Excuse me while I turn this dial down to low and pour in the pasta! Dinner time….

xo Haley-O

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