Bump watch: January Jones stays fit

Check out the very preggers Mad Men actress January Jones (33) staying fit through her pregnancy.

She’s photoed here after yoga class and heading out to Little Dom’s in Los Feliz (an affluent neighbourhood in Hollywood, California) for some grub, yesterday. Love this look — with the ballet flats!

I did a TEENY bit of yoga when I was pregnant. I wasn’t the yoga keener that I am now: hot Ashtanga yoga every day, 6am (I KNOW!). And I did a bit of walking. But, for the most part, I was a total SLOTH, and I looked like one too. It was kind of bad. But I had two summer pregnancies and it was HOT! How about you, Gorgeouses? Did you (or do you) keep in shape through pregnancy?

Ooo! And, by the way, you can catch January in her latest flick X-Men: First Class. My hubby Josh-O saw it with a buddy the other day and LOVED it.

Double ooo! I’m leaving for NYC soon to meet Jennifer Garner! You can read my tweets throughout the day (if I can manage it) @todaysparent! Wish me luck!

xo Haley-O

Photo & source: Fame Pictures

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