Bump watch: Isn't Jennifer Garner lovely?

Jennifer Garner looked so lovely when she went out shopping today -- glowing! -- Haley had to share

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Have you ever tried to quit sugar or coffee? I’ve been trying to quit chai lattes forEVER, and today I managed to go a day without this sugary, cinnamony-sweet hot beverage. But I’m exhausted and (can you believe?) achy from the sugar and caffeine withdrawal. And I’m definitely not glowing.

But you know who is glowing?

Jennifer Garner!

Just check her out after a wee LA shopping spree. Jennifer (39) was photo’d shopping for clothes, some new glasses and, from the looks of it, some gifts, maybe? AND it looks like she may have even treated herself to a perfect new lipstick. GORJ! GLOW!

I’m going to crash on my bed now…. There will be a four-year-old on my back in, ohhh, a couple of hours, no doubt. Good night!

xo Haley-O

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