Bump watch: Gettin' real with Alyson Hannigan

It's an Alyson Hannigan extravaganza! Check out Alyson and her daughter Satyana, Alyson being charitable, Alyson gettin' real at Whole Foods...

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Why all the photos of Alyson Hannigan lately?

Alyson Hannigan putting money in the metre….

Alyson Hannigan shopping….

Alyson Hannigan gettin’ real at Whole Foods….

Alyson Hannigan on the red carpet….

Alyson Hannigan at the park….

And lots and lots of Alyson Hannigan walking with that big smile on her face, 2.5-year-old Satyana on her hip (and often hubby Alexis Denisof by her side). Such a sweet duo!

She’s everywhere!

When I interviewed her last summer, she was absolutely lovely. So it’s no surprise the photogs caught Alyson Hannigan being charitable….

Actresses know that announcing a pregnancy means huge media attention, and it looks like Alyson is lapping it up. She announced her pregnancy back in December, and it’s been nice to see that big smile again.

Here she is picking up some local organic groceries. You know the deal with the little shopping carts they got (heehee!)….

And her hair always looks fabulous….

xo Haley-O

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