Bump watch: Drew Barrymore

Everyone's going bananas over recent photos of Drew Barrymore.

By Haley Overland

Bump watch: Drew Barrymore Photo by RR/FameFlynet Pictures

It's been ages since I used the phrase "going bananas," but I thought it'd be fun. Something new. Change things up a little. Why not?

So everyone's going all BANANAS over these photos (left and below) of Drew Barrymore, 37, leaving a yoga studio and heading to a market in LA with her friend and a little boy.

The media's saying she's looking pregnant, even though she hasn't officially confirmed the rumours.

Indeed, Drew Barrymore's keeping a low profile. She and her fiance, art consultant Will Kopelman, 34, are reportedly planning a summer wedding (before the baby arrives...).  Drew was even spotted trying on a Chanel wedding dress while she and Will were on a vacay in Paris recently....

Here's another pic for the road....

Bump watch: Drew Barrymore  

xo Haley-O
This article was originally published on Apr 05, 2012

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