Bump watch: Drew Barrymore...maybe!

Though Drew still hasn't confirmed the pregnancy reports, it's hard to doubt something's there....

Last time it was “bananas” and today it’s “bonkers.”

The media’s going BONKERS over the latest photo of Drew Barrymore, 37, and her art consultant hubby-to-be, Will Kopelman, 34. They went out for breakfast at the popular spot, Little Dom’s, before doing errands in Los Feliz the other day.

So, what do you think, Gorgeouses? Should we jump on this bandwagon?

Like Jessica Simpson, Drew Barrymore’s waiting ’til the last second, it seems, to tell us she’s preggers — unless (like Reese Witherspoon) she’ll never tell!

Maybe it’s the shirt, or maybe there is, indeed, a burgeoning belly? The way she’s holding her pocket book (I guess that’s a pocket book?) in the photo below really seems to suggest the latter…!

Pregnant or not, she does look GORJ!

xo Haley-O

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