Bump watch: Alyssa Milano strikes a pose

By HaleyO

Photo: Picture Perfect / Rex Features Photo: Picture Perfect / Rex Features

Alyssa Milano struck adorable pose at last week's premiere of Horrible Bosses, starring my now favourite actress Jennifer Aniston. (I have to tell you, Jennifer's my now-favourite-actress because I watched the movie Just Go With It three times this weekend and laughed hysterically every time -- possibly because I got a little too much sun, but also strongly possibly because of Jennifer and Adam Sandler's combined comedic genius....Digress.)

Alyssa's now in her third trimester, and I must say, she's looking fabulous! Third trimesters in the summer are not easy, right, Gorgeouses? I would know (elephant feet).

As always, Alyssa took to Twitter to talk about the black dress she wore to the premiere: "About to walk the red carpet at the #HorribleBosses premiere. I'm wearing black. Dog hair is white. Just noticed. Oops."

Though Alyssa's looking fabulous -- dog hair and all -- she's getting a wee anxious about the impending birth: "In my birthing class & hoping they don't make us watch more videos," she tweeted. "They make me sooooo anxious!"

Wonder if Alyssa will tweet less or even more when her baby boy arrives....


xo Haley-O