Bump watch: Alyson Hannigan...almost there!

It looks like Alyson Hannigan is just about ready to give birth! Here she is shopping with her adorable family.

Photos by Meyers/FameFlynet Pictures

Wow, Gorgeouses…. Is it just me, or has this been the longest week ever? Maybe it’s because I’ve been insanely productive here at work. I don’t think I lift my head up all day except to go to meetings and ask my colleagues for opinions on things. It feels good, especially as a busy mom of two (plus two cats and a dog), to get things done, you know? It balances out the endless work of parenthood!

Well, anyway, How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan, 38, is very close to becoming a mom of two with hubby Alexis Denisof, 46, by her side. She’s just popping out of that amazing cream-coloured turtleneck sweater. GORJ!

Their little one, Satyana, 3, as usual, is looking like the best-dressed big-sister-to-be that ever was in her pigtails, fancy coat and striped tights. ADORABLE!

Like Ryan Gosling, Alyson Hannigan is another celebrity who handles fame well…. Always smiling!

Looks like Alyson bought something very nice for herself!

xo Haley-O

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