*BULLY*: Justin Bieber is our hero (again)!

Justin Bieber has helped save the day when it comes to the much-buzzed-about *Bully* documentary. Bravo!

By Haley Overland
*BULLY*: Justin Bieber is our hero (again)!

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As you may know, I love Justin Bieber. I am a Belieber! Yes. I belieb!

So it's with great pleasure that I write about him today — and, finally, with great relevance!

The 18-year-old pop sensation has spoken out against the "R" rating in the US of the much-buzzed-about documentary Bully, which documents bullying in US schools and seeks to put an end to it. (Scroll down for the movie trailer.)

Apparently, Justin Bieber called TMZ, insisting that kids "can handle a few curse words" (which are the reason for the high rating), as much as they can handle the PG-13-rated The Hunger Games, and that they need to see this movie for its "powerful message," which he believes will incite kids "to maybe want to make a change." He also reflects on the doc's PG-13 rating in Canada.

Here's the video (I also love TMZ's Harvey Levin, but that's for another post):

*BULLY*: Justin Bieber is our hero (again)!

Sighh..., love this kid! As a result of Justin's intervention (as well as that of a host of other celebs, like Kelly Ripa, Ellen Degeneres, Cory Monteith, Katie Couric and Meryl Streep), there has been a public uproar, and now 13-year-olds can see the movie: the rating's been lowered to "unrated" (meaning it's up to individual theatres to determine the rating. Here's the trailer for Bully....

Obviously an extremely important film....

Thank you, Justin!

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Apr 04, 2012

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