Black Eyed Peas baby news (with funny vid)

By HaleyO
Photo: Greg Allen / Rex Features Photo: Greg Allen / Rex Features

It's a boy for Black Eyed Peas performer Taboo! This is the second son for Taboo (35), aka Jaime Gomez, and his wife Jaymie Dizon. Baby Journey Jameson Gomez was born Tuesday, at 2:57pm.

Tabs live-tweeted the whole birth! And he couldn't hide his excitement...and exhaustion:

♥ The wifey is doing really good. This pregnancy is different from when we had Jalen , I feel more focused and in control and not nervous at all

♥ Baby jalen born 2:57 pm yessssssss , I am so excited !!!!!!

♥ Sorry wrong name so excited I said jalen ( it's Journey Jameson gomez

♥ Baby Journey is here pea-ple .. Love u all for supporting


Taboo and Jaymie's first son, Jalen, was born July 19, 2009, a year after Taboo and Jaymie got married.

Baby Journey also joins older brother Joshua (17) -- Taboo's son from a previous relationship.

To help celebrate the big event, I want to share a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit. So many great one-liners. Loves it! The skit's making fun of Taboo and's very peripheral roles in The Black Eyed Peas! Don't worry, though, Taboo's doing other great things, though. He's even got a memoir out, Fallin' Up: My Story. Anyone read it yet? Planning to? Crickets?


I have a mild-yet-significant crush on Andy Samberg....


Love! xo Haley-O


This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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