Bethenny Frankel shares her miscarriage on The Today Show

Bethenny opened up about her recent miscarriage, sharing her emotions around it and how she's staying positive

Bethenny in NYC, Feb 20, 2012. Photo: FameFlynet Pictures

People are, of course, going to hate on Bethenny Frankel (41) for exploiting yet another event in her life potentially for the sake of publicity. But I still enjoy Bethenny, as does my sister, so I’m assuming a bunch of you Gorgeouses do too (do you?). And I think what she told host Savannah Guthrie on the Today show yesterday will resonate with many women who have coped, or are coping, with miscarriage.

Bethenny announced her recent miscarriage on the show when Savannah asked her if she and hubby Jason Hoppy were going to give their 21-month-old daughter Bryn a sibling. “We were pregnant with a second baby,” she said, holding back tears. “And at eight weeks, I miscarried.”

“There are so many . . . things that come with [miscarriage],” Bethenny continued. “You go through a roller coaster of emotions. . . about your age, about being a woman, about, can you have another baby, are you a failure to your partner? You go through a million different things.”

Of course, in true Bethenny style, the reality TV star/author of A Place of Yes is keeping things positive. “I do have an incredible daughter,” she beamed. “I have the most beautiful daughter in the world. And I’m grateful for her.”

“I honestly, truthfully, have thought about other woman more than myself,” she added. “The first thing I thought about was, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe what people must go through if they can’t even have the one.’ I’m really lucky.”

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