Ben Affleck takes Violet to ballet (cute!)

Ben Affleck seems like a great, hands-on dad. Check him out taking his adorable daughter Violet to ballet. See why Haley's particularly excited by this.

By Haley Overland
Ben Affleck takes Violet to ballet (cute!)

Photo by TrickyD/FameFlynet Pictures

I love seeing Ben Affleck, 39, out and about with his kids. Mainly because he's so handsome, and you know, he's BEN AFFLECK. And he always looks, much like his wife Jennifer Garner, really absorbed in the kids.

Here he is taking Violet, 6, to ballet class.

I was actually extra excited to see this photo today. Know why? Because my own 6-year-old daughter has just decided she wants to take ballet class. FINALLY! And she doesn't just want to take ballet class. She wants to take it NOW. So much so that as soon as we get home from school or wherever, she runs upstairs, puts on her pink tights and black leotard, and slips in a ballet DVD.

Right now she takes a combination class of dancing, acting and singing. But I've always thought ballet was such a wonderful and important discipline, and that, if you're ever going to take any form of dance, you need ballet. It's kind of like music theory: if you want to play guitar, you better do your theory!

Anyway, yay! My daughter and Violet are taking ballet. Not together, alas. But they're taking ballet.

ALSO! Happy birthday to Jennifer Garner. She just turned the big 4-0 (April 17)!

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Apr 24, 2012

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