Ben Affleck: Real-life Mr. Mom

Jennifer Garner's got some movies coming up, so Ben Affleck's getting prepped for his latest role as real-life "Mr. Mom."

By Haley Overland
Ben Affleck: Real-life Mr. Mom

At last Tuesday night's premiere of his latest flick, To the Wonder, Ben Affleck, 40, told reporters he's prepping for his latest role as a real-life "Mr. Mom" because wife Jennifer Garner, 40, is going back to work this summer.

"She told me to go to the gym; I'm preparing myself," he joked. "I'm going to take on some more of the burden."

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Ben and Jennifer are, of course, parents to Violet, 7, Seraphina, 4, and baby Samuel, 13 months, so Ben will definitely have his hands full. "She's got a couple of movies coming up," Ben said. "There's going to be a little Mr. Mom action and I'm going to get back in the ring."

This will be a big shift for the family, since Ben has said Jennifer takes on most of the parenting duties while he focuses on his work — and, as a result, he's obviously had a hugely successful year with Argo, Runner and now To the Wonder.

In a recent (great) interview with The Telegraph, Jennifer addresses her decision to work this summer. "Ben's always saying, 'You need to work, it's a part of you and you're a different person when you're working,'" she says. "I've reserved this summer [for]. It's mine.'"

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Source: Us Weekly Magazine

This article was originally published on Apr 11, 2013

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