Ben Affleck and the girls: *Hanging around*

Check out the Ben Affleck sandwich!

It’s a BEN AFFLECK SANDWICH! Ha! Yes, check out Ben Affleck, 39, at the Cheryl Fudge Fashion Camp yesterday, in Santa Monica, California, with his girls, Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3. He’s got Violet on his back, demanding her piggy back ride, and Seraphina begging to be picked up.

Tell me those of you with multiple kids can relate?!

I definitely can. It’s the story of my life lately. One child wants to be picked up, and the other is climbing on my back (usually when I’m bending down to pick up the other one, or tying shoe laces, or in any squat-type position that would involve me falling flat on my face if someone were to climb on my back).

Here are some more pics because it’s so darn cute!

In case you’re wondering…. That’s not a bald spot on Ben’s head. There’s a close up of it in the photo set (of course, the photogs went there). It’s just a swirly part/bed head! He’s gorj no matter what, though.

Ack!! Totally know what that feels like.

Oy, these photos make me love that family even more (and we didn’t think that was possible)…. You? And that fashion camp looks so sweet.

DISCUSS: Do your kids love to hang on you???

xo Haley-O

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