Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: Marriage (plus new family photos!)

Haley insists we put all speculation about the Affleck-Garner marriage to rest already. Plus, check out adorable new photos of Ben, Jennifer and the kids playing at the park.

Ever since Ben Affleck‘s now-infamous Oscar-acceptance speech — in which he said his marriage to Jennifer Garner was work, “the best kind of work” — cynics have been speculating on the status of their marriage.

To me (an avid Jen-Ben fan, so admittedly possibly biased, but whatever), it was the sweetest speech ever, an honest reflection on the reality of marriage and a great compliment to Jennifer: He loves working on their marriage more than he loves working on movies. What better compliment can you get from Ben Affleck?

There, I’ve said my piece. Can we please put all speculation to rest now? Ben was out of his mind with excitement at the Oscars. You simply can’t take anything he said beyond the realm of emotion. “What was he thinking?” they all ask. HE WASN’T. In the best way, he wasn’t thinking. So, stoppit, Tabloids. LOOK AT THEM. And look at this adorable family.

Love! They’re photo’d here at a park in Brentwood, California, last weekend.

Seraphina’s not even wearing shoes. How adorable! I have to say, in the context of “celebrity news,” it’s refreshing to see one of the wealthier families in the world enjoying the simple things in life with their children. That’s kind of the beauty of this celeb family: They have all the money in the world, and you’d kind of never know it.

Also, while we’re at it, can we put Ben-Affleck toupee rumours to rest? Holy buzz cut! And hallelujah, no more shaggy Affleck. So handsome…

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xo Haley-O

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