Beautiful Beckham kids take London: Photo!

Check out all four beautiful Beckham kids going for a stroll in London.

The group of us here at Today’s Parent were just talking about how stunning the Beckham kids are — not that we like to focus on “looks” around here, but they’re each beautiful mixes of their undeniably beautiful parents, David and Victoria Beckham.

Indeed, as hosts Taylor and Kenny were saying on Cosmo Radio (my favourite satellite radio show) the other day, you never know with gorgeous parents: It’s not always set that they’ll give birth to conventionally gorgeous children. (I say “conventionally” because I really think all children are beautiful in their own way.)

But look at these Beckhams: There’s Brooklyn, 13, taking care of his adorable little sis, 16-month-old Harper, again; Romeo, 10, who’s clearly living up to his name and just the clone of his mom, smiling in the background; and you can barely see little Cruz, 7, hiding in the background in his grey hoodie, but trust me, he’s a cutie!

I’m not quite sure whom their walking with in this photo — possibly their London-based extended family — but it’s sweet that they’re all hanging out together.

xo Haley-O

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