Dad’s magical method gets his baby to fall asleep in one minute flat

If your baby just won't fall asleep, you need to try this dad's magical trick—it had his little one sleeping in under a minute!

Dad’s magical method gets his baby to fall asleep in one minute flat

Photo: Astro-Boys via Reddit

Having a baby who won't sleep is the worst—especially since as a parent, your rest is in such short supply already. Luckily this dad on Reddit has a magical trick that gets his kid to nod off in under a minute. Yup, it works that quickly. Take a look.

Of course, there's no guarantee that this trick will work for every kid as fast— or at all, really— but we'll try anything if our baby won't sleep, right?

There are a few other classic methods that are worth giving a shot as well. Try brushing their hair with one of those soft bristled baby brushes, lightly scratching their back, or rubbing their belly. One commenter even said they get their baby to sleep by gently rubbing from the spot between their brows to the tip of their nose.

Whichever method works to lull your littles to sleep, be sure to pay yourself a little attention once they're tucked in. Goodness knows you need it.

This article was originally published on Nov 04, 2019

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