Baby "Valentine": A boy for the King of Queens!

Photo by BDG / Rex Features

Photo by BDG / Rex Features

Any fans of The King of Queens out there? I hear it’s a pretty funny show…. WELL, big news! The star of the show, Kevin James, and his wife Steffiana welcomed their third child last Sunday (Easter Sunday), in Boston.

And the celebrity baby name is…..

Kannon Valentine James!

Oooo! Good one! “Valentine” for a boy. It’s fabulous! It’s about time we had an unusual celebrity baby name. It’s been a while!

Kannon is the first boy for James and Steffiana. He joins big sisters Sienna-Marie (5) and Shea (3.5).

Happy Valentine’s Day! I mean, CONGRATS! Hee!


xo Haley-O


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