Aww! We love these cute pics of babies sleeping on top of their dads

Fatherhood has never looked so wholesome! Check out these adorable photos of dads and their babies settling in for a nice snooze.

By Daniela Sosa Roque

Aww! We love these cute pics of babies sleeping on top of their dads

Photo: @MissAuty_Baby via Twitter

Being a dad isn't always easy. In fact, sometimes it means serving as your kid's pillow and sacrificing some—if not most—of your personal space, including trying to sleep with a foot in your face. Which is why dads on Twitter are coming together to share all the funny and weird sleeping positions of their little ones. Not only are these posts adorable, but they prove kids really can sleep anywhere—including directly on top of their dads.

Trajuan Briggs, a father of one, started the thread after his son fell asleep on his chest while watching Elmo. "As I'm laying there it hits me, take a pic because this is hilarious," Briggs told Buzzfeed News. "I thought how cool it would be if just fathers shared the craziness together."

Brigg's tweet has been shared over 22,000 times this month, and it didn't take long before other dads started to join in with sleepy selfies and pics that were, presumably, taken by someone else awake in the house. (Heads up, dads: Co-sleeping on a couch or reclined in a chair is not the safest sleep situation. If you're going to co-sleep, beds are safer than couches.)

Take a look at how sweet the photos are:

Some dads definitely don't want to interrupt naptime...even if that means a foot in the face.

Nothing but good vibes.

Like father, like son.

Adorable, right? Kids do, eventually, outgrow sleeping on top of you, so take and share these silly photos now, because they'll be gone before you know it.

This article was originally published on Apr 22, 2019