Anna Paquin walks twins in a double baby carrier: Photos!

Check out True Blood's Anna Paquin taking the twins for a walk in a cool double baby carrier.

Wow! I have to admit, I’ve never seen a twin baby carrier before. I’ve only really seen twin babies out for walks in a double stroller.

But check out True Blood star Anna Paquin, 30, out for a walk (and an iced tea) with her almost-two-month-old twins yesterday in Venice, California.

See their little striped hats poking out? Though this is the closest look we’ve had of the twins, Anna’s giving us NO clues about the sex of the babies with those gender-neutral hats…!

But how adorable is this? Love it! Scroll down for a closer look at the carrier…. 

Sorry the photos are a bit shabby. Here’s an even better look.

Have you ever seen or used a double baby carrier before? I found it hard enough to use a single baby carrier (let’s just say I was too massive from breastfeeding…). Amazing!

xo Haley-O

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