Anna Faris, Baby Jack and the grandparents: Cute photos!

Check out these adorable photos of smiling new mom Anna Faris, her parents and baby boy, Jack.

Would you believe I’m still sick with this cold/flu? Are you tired of hearing me kvetch about it? (Don’t answer that!) Well, it’s been almost a week. And we all know parents don’t get sick days; so I’ve been running around with the kids way too much still — which doesn’t help. It also doesn’t help that my computer just crashed and I have to write this whole post over again…. Kvetch kvetch. Anyway, I thought I’d share these sweet Anna Faris photos with you for now, and then maybe rest a bit with my little dog, Betty White.

When I saw this series of photos in my inbox, I had to share. It kind of looks like Anna’s trying to hide her face with the baby blanket (above), but that’s not the case (we won’t share any photos in which parents are trying to hide themselves or their kids). Indeed, one of the things I love about these photos is that Anna looks so excited to show off her 5-month-old healthy boy! And isn’t he CUTE!

Anna and Jack are photo’d here with Anna’s dad, Jack — whom the baby’s apparently named after — and her mom. The sweet foursome were out doing some errands and a lot of smiling and waving (love that)….

Anna looks just like her mom!

Aww, sweet. As you know, we just LOVE celebrity grandparents around here!

Hope you and your kids are all feeling well!

xo Haley-O

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