Angelina Jolie: "It would break me"

By HaleyO
Angelina Jolie: "It would break me"

Angelina opened up to Today's Parent's sister publication Hello! Canada about her life with Brad and their six children, Maddox (8), Pax (6), Zahara (5), Shiloh (4) and Knox and Vivienne (2). Checkit!

On who she really is....

You should probably ask my kids! They'll tell you. I am a very open person. I am a very exposed person in many ways and I don't mind. I have a private side that belongs to my children and to Brad, my side as a mom and a woman -- but it's just probably that softer side, I suppose, that's a little more hidden.

Her greatest weaknesses....

I have many, but I am not going to point them out! My weaknesses are also my strengths. It's my family - if anything ever happened to my family, it would break me. I love them deeply and the thought of them not being well or in danger is my absolute weakness.

The kids....

They're all very different. They're six very different individuals. Some of them are braver than the others and getting more physical - they're bold and I have to try to get them to climb down off something. The others are very female and soft.

The family travel....

I feel like it's this great gift that I've been able to give to my children, that because of work, and financially, we're able to live abroad. I think its the greatest! When we were in Italy they were learning Italian, and they were travelling and learning about the history of Italy. We drove them to Florence and showed them the statue of David. Then when we were in France, they learned the history of France and the French Revolution. Also in these countries [they] that they're different from America. People do take a lot more time to slow down and be with family and have a lot of quality time, so that's been good for all of us.... We tend to be very rushed in America, so Europe has been a good pace for us.



My mother was Catholic, but she really just followed the teachings of Jesus and she was just a lovely, lovely woman. She raised me to believe whatever I chose to believe in life and she taught me about many religions - and so I'm teaching my children about all religions across the world.... [For] "This friend of yours or this person is Muslim and this is what they believe; this person's Jewish and this is what they believe; this person 's a Christian...." We let them go learn about different [religions] and decide. I feel the same way -- I don't cling to one.

There you have it -- everything you ever wanted to know about Angelina, and more. Well, not everything. You'll have to pick up the latest Hello! Canada mag for even more deets!

Photo: Hello! Canada

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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