Angelina Jolie: 10 things before breakfast

By HaleyO
Photo: AP Photo/Peter Kramer Photo: AP Photo/Peter Kramer

Brangelina at the NYC premiere of Angelina's new movie The Tourist (Monday). Angelina in GORJ Versace gown....

At the NYC premiere of her new movie The Tourist, co-starring the one-and-only Johnny Depp, Angelina talked to Entertainment Tonight about celebrating Christmas in New York with the kids.

"I love New York at Christmastime," said Angelina (35). "I used to come here all the time when I was a little girl, with my mom, so I have happy memories of Rockefeller Center and the park."

Apparently, she and Brad "able to take the babies on a carriage ride." Speaking of Brad....


Of course, to promote The Tourist, Angelina's doing the rounds. In an interview with Matt Lauer yesterday (Tuesday), Angelina said, when they think of their childhood, she wants her 6 children to say


they were loved and encouraged to be who they are and not pushed into something that they're not.... Hopefully, they'll be the strong, beautiful individuals that they are today and be happy in their lives, be fulfilled in their lives and be living their lives honestly.

Angelina also told Matt about the "manners classes" she had to take to prepare for her role as a British woman in the Tourist: "I'm not completely clumsy or gross, but ... [the] takes her time with everything. I'm an American! I do 10 things before breakfast."

I think Canadians do at least 10 things before breakfast, too. You? What do you do before breakfast?

AND, what do you say, one more Brad Pitt photo to tide you over...?


No matter what Chelsea Handler says, these are the most beautiful people in the world -- not including you, Gorgeouses.

xo Haley-O


This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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