Angelina & Brad fight over Shiloh

By HaleyO
Angelina & Brad fight over Shiloh

The uber-famous duo are fighting again. This time the fight is about their daughter Shiloh. Apparently, Brad thinks all Angelina's talk about the phenomenon of Shiloh's tomboyish ways is putting Shiloh in the spotlight and pushing the other children out of it.

Here's what Life & Style reports:
According to a report in the U.K.'s Closer magazine, he's upset that Shiloh's getting too much attention at the expense of the other children -- and has begged Angie to stop going on and on about Shiloh. "Brad is very bothered by Angelina's public statements," an insider close to the couple confirms to Life & Style. "She's being too revealing. Angelina releases more telling information in a press junket than she does in conversations with friends."
Why would Brad want any of the children in the spotlight? The real problem seems to be that Shiloh's too-much in the spotlight. Period. That the other kids aren't getting any attention from the media should be a good thing, no? But it has been disturbing to many that Angelina, for example, neglected to mention Pax in the recent Vanity Fair interview.

Apparently, and not surprisingly, Brad and Ang fight often and it's a losing battle for Brad....
And whenever there's a disagreement -- over Shiloh or anything else -- a notoriously controlling Angie will overrule Brad, often harshly. "They get into vicious fights sometimes, and Angelina can be very mean to him," the insider notes. "Even when they're out at dinner with friends, she sometimes snaps at him, saying, 'You're wrong.' She puts him in his place a lot."
So the moral of the story is:  Brad's upset that Angelina's showering Shiloh with all the media attention but it doesn't matter because Brad has no voice in the relationship.

For more deets on Shiloh, etc., check the latest Life & Style on stands now!

Photo courtesy of Life & Style Magazine.

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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