And Harper Beckham's godmother is....

Haley *can't* be the only one who didn't know this, can she? But the famous Harper Seven Beckham has quite a famous godmother....

By Haley Overland
And Harper Beckham's godmother is....

Did you know this, Gorgeouses? I mean, I know I'm the celebrity news blogger here, but contrary to popular belief (heh), there are some things that I miss.

Like, did you know Victoria Beckham, 38, was such good friends with...Eva Longoria, 37?

And did you know that Victoria and David Beckham chose Eva Longoria to be godmother to baby Harper Seven (11 months)?

Eva was just at the Los Angeles premiere of her latest flick, For Greater Glory. There, she told reporters that she plans on being a "great" role model for baby Beckham. Indeed, this is nothing new for the former Desperate Housewives star. "I'm a five-time godmother," she exclaimed.

And Harper Beckham's godmother is....  

Photo: Juan Rico/FameFlynet Pictures

According to reports, Harper's christening will take place later this year, with such esteemed guests as Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith in attendance.

DISCUSS: Do your kids have godparents? And as godparents do they have a major influence in your kids' lives?

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This article was originally published on Jun 05, 2012

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