Amy Schumer just changed her baby's name because she realized it sounded like 'genital'

We're not sure how it took her close to a year to realize her mistake, but we love that she wasn't shy about sharing the news on her podcast and Instagram.

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Amy Schumer just changed her baby's name because she realized it sounded like 'genital'

Photo: @amyschumer via Instagram

Choosing a baby name is one of the most fun parts of pregnancy. You mull it over week after week, month after month, figuring out what you and your partner love. You say it out loud to hear how it will sound and write it down to see how it will look. You think about spellings, short forms and nick names.

We can only assume actress and comedienne Amy Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer did exactly this in late 2018 and early 2019, when they were pregnant with their first child. And so on May 5, 2019, when he was born, they proudly announced the safe arrival of their son, Gene Attell Fischer.

Notice anything a with the name?

If not, you're not alone. It seems it took Schumer and Fischer close to a year to see how "Gene Attell" is a problematic name, as it is just a little too close to the word "genital." And along with the last name "Fischer," they basically named their child "genital fissure." GENITAL FISSURE. Yikes, Amy!!

In typical Schumer style, the celeb unabashedly revealed her and her husband's decision to the world, first on her podcast, then (somewhat vaguely) in an Instagram post. See for yourself:

On the podcast, Schumer says they've changed their baby's middle name to "David," so the full name is now Gene David Fischer. She explained that the middle name "Attell" was in honour of Schumer's friend, the comedian Dave Attell. The new middle name, David, is her father's middle name.

It's worth noting that Schumer and Fischer have likely realized their gaff for a while now, since many fans pointed out the similarity between "Gene Attell" and "genital" right when the baby was born. Many assumed the name was a joke, and were waiting patiently for the real name to be revealed.


It's possible the celeb couple never saw those comments, but the most likely scenario is that they did, but they didn't think it was a big deal, or worth changing the name for. Apparently, they have changed their minds!

Baby name regret isn't that rare, but it usually occurs to parents sooner than it did for these celeb parents. Oh well. It's just a middle name, which is clearly not as big a deal as changing a first name. Plus, it will be a funny story for little Gene to tell one day, and if he's anything like his mom, he'll make a great joke out of it. Maybe it will be his opening bit in a stand-up comedy act.

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