Amy Poehler takes little Archibald to see the new Spider-Man movie

Wow, Amy Poehler took her 3.5-year-old son, Archibald Arnett, to see the new Spider-Man movie?


According to our sources, Amy Poehler, 40, took her 3.5-year-old son, Archibald “Archie” Arnett, to see The Amazing Spider-Man in NYC the other day. They’re photo’d here on their way to the theatre….

Wow, we knew the Parks and Recreation actress was brave, but isn’t new Spider-Man movie a little scary for young Archie? My 4.5-year-old could barely keep from covering his eyes when I let him watch the preview — that giant Lizard monster is the stuff of nightmares! And the love story’s a little over my son’s head.

Sighh, but he would probably LOVE the movie. Hmmm, should I take him, Gorgeouses?? Oy, he’d cry, I just know it. Will you take your kids to see it?

While the fedora-clad Amy braved the definitely-not-G movie with adorable Archie, her hubby Will Arnett stayed with their younger son Abel, who’s almost 2.

DISCUSS: Will you take your your preschoolers to see The Amazing Spider-Man???

DISCUSS II: Are you, like me, sooooo over the fedora trend?

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