Alicia Silverstone shares another home video

...but it's not scandalous this time! It's Bear Blu's first birthday. Check out what his mom and dad got him!

Photo: FameFlynet

It’s Alicia Silverstone’s baby Bear Blu’s first birthday!

And, even after the mass hysteria that ensued her last home video, Alicia dared to post another.

Aaaand it’s really cute.

In the video, Bear (Bear…) opens his very first eco-friendly birthday present. As Alicia shares in the blog post accompanying the video, her gift to Bear is in keeping with one of her “missions in life”  — “to stop the production of all the ‘stuff.’”

Checkit (below)!

Check out Alicia’s blog for more green gift ideas and sweet pics of her and her adorable BEAR.

DISCUSS: Do you buy eco-friendly gifts for your kids (and their friends)?

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