Ali Larter gets real with sweet Theodore in the Whole Foods Parking Lot

There's just no place like the Whole Foods parking lot for gettin' real with the celebs. Also Haley's drinking grape Kombucha

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This is my second attempt to write a blog post tonight. Bygones, but, on top of everything else, my kids just won’t go to bed. And my head is th-robbing. Aren’t you happy you stopped by?

Wah wah.

So here. Checkit.

Ali Larter and her adorable one-year-old blondie, Theodore, in the Whole Foods parking lot (left). And you know why I love this, and why it’s making me happy right now?

Because I. Love. This. Video.

And I have to share it with you. Have you seen “Gettin’ Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot”? Well, checkit! And enjoy. And just know that no matter what I’m going through, I’ll always make you happy you came here. You’re welcome. *Wink!*

Uh-oh. Suddenly I feel like I’ve posted this video already. Oops, I have. Wait, no, I just linked to it! Sighhh, “Yo, man! I’ve had a long day!” Ah well. I’m totally out of it. But is this vid great or what, Gorgeouses? Love!

Psst: I may or not be drinking Kombucha right now…. Grape. It’s the best kind. And I had quinoa for dinner. Haha!

xo Haley-O

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