Afternoon smile: Ben Affleck and Violet painting pottery!

If this doesn't put a smile on your face, we don't know what will: Ben Affleck painting some pottery with daughter Violet

Photo by Pablo/FameFlynet Pictures

You know what that is, Gorgeouses?

That’s the face of a man excited to PAINT SOME POTTERY!

Yes, Ben Affleck (39) took 6-year-old Violet for some special daddy-daughter time over the weekend at the Color Me Mine pottery studio. (Indeed, it looks like it was another good day there — remember David Beckham’s trip to the very same place with his boys? Cute!)

Ben doesn’t usually have a smile on his face when photographers are around, so this is a momentous occasion, Gorgeouses! And who can blame him for smiling so big. He was about to do something adorable enough for all the world to see.

Ready for it?

Here’s Ben PAINTING with Violet (who looks JUST like her mom, by the way)! And, did you ever think  you’d see Ben Affleck in this capacity? Definitely his wife, Jennifer Garner, but not Ben! OK, I’ll be quiet…checkit!

Violet chose a penguin to paint, and Ben a cup and saucer. Look how focused….

So sweet. I love seeing celeb parents doing real-life fun things with their kids. We’ll leave them alone now….

Meanwhile, it seems a very preggers Jen took almost-3-year-old Seraphina to a birthday party!

Seraphina actually just turned 3 last week (January 6). Happy birthday!

xo Haley-O

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