Adorable: Nicole Richie & "Harlow M"

Aww! Look at young mama Nicole Richie (29) and her ADORABLE 3-year-old daughter — curls! If you don’t remember Nicole’s daughter’s name, you can read it on her lunchbox (above): “Harlow M.” Very cute! Are there that many “Harlow”s in Harlow’s class, I wonder, that they needed to include the last initial there?

Well, it’s not quite the same as Bear J. or Moroccan C…. I mean, they probably don’t even need last names…!

Anyway, Nicole’s looking fab in her white brim hat and signature mega-shades, flared denim jeans, floral jacket. Perfect for the pet store, which was where the two were headed — but not before picking up Harlow’s little friend and bringing her along for the trip.


xo Haley-O

Photo: Fame Pictures

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